25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 16


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.' ' Sin,—While realizing that there is poverty in other parts of the country, will you kindly allow me to point out the extra- ordinary conditions in the Urban Area of Abertillery, and to appeal to those who can to assist our Children's Boot Fund? May I point out that the Government has for years, scheduled the district as a distressed area ? Recently further collieries have been closed, and now about 75 per cent, of our insurable population are unemployed. The Council is obliged to supply over 5,000 meals daily to children of their Elementary Schools, but many of the youngsters are unable to attend the Feeding Centres owing to a shortage of boots and clothes.

Though I must admit that the calls made upon the public to subscribe, in one form or another, to objects of a charitable character are many, I feel that the appeal now submitted to you is such as to merit support.

Cheques should be made payable to the Abertillery Chil- dren's Boot Fund, and forwarded to Mr. D. R. Davies, Clerk to the Council. Anticipating your kind consideration.--I am, (Chairman of the Abertillery Urban District Council).

Council Offices, Abertillery,- Mon.