25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 17

And while on this subject of Music Talks I would

like to draw your attention to .ct short series which begins on Thursday evening next : Mr. J. 0. M. Rorke's "Story of a Musical Conversion." Mr. Rorke is the author of A Musical Pilgrim's Progress and, since his forthcoming talks are to tell us how he discovered Beethoven, I assume they will cover much the same ground as his book. Such talks, which recount a layman's adventurings in the world of music, are, I feel sure, of far more value to listeners than the professional " explanations " which have recently become the order of the day. If music is not a personal adventure to the layman it is nothing ; and, unless we are students, the value of our adventure can seldom be en- hanced by turning a symphony concert into a conducted tour.