25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 17

The Council of the Infernal Peers, which is to be

broadcast on Thursday, should make very good hearing. The play, Which is compiled from Milton's Paradise Lost, culminates in the council of war which followed Satan's defiance and consequent descent to "bottomless perdition." I hear that the wits of Broadcasting House have been much exercised in deciding in what kind of voice Satan ought to speak. The producer is Mr. E. J. King Bull, who was responsible for Yes and Back Again, a radio play based on the intro- duction to Mr. de In Mare's anthology, Come Hither. He takes broadcasting seriously, and if his productions have been comparatively few they have usually more than made up in quality what they have lacked in quantity. As befits a play based on Milton's sonorous text, The Council of the infernal Peers employs the organ for its incidental music.