25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 18

The Modern Home



AT the beginning of the year I wrote on this page, concerning

rubber flooring : It would be still further improved by the introduction of some method whereby it could be laid in plastic state and swept up against the skirting; like the various jointless floorings which are so useful for kitchens, sculleries and lavatories." The sequel can hardly be claimed as another instance of Nature following Art—but, at any rate, the desirable has happened : a plastic rubber flooring is on the point of being put on the market. Better still, although the price is not yet definitely fixed, it promises to be extra- ordinarily low.

The material has successfully stood the rigorous test of being laid as a road surface outside a goods yard for the past two years, so that there should be no fear of its failing to stand up to ordinary domestic traffic. However, I am 'arranging to have a test piece put down where its behaviour can be watched carefully, and I shall report on it more fully in a few months, by which time the flooring will be commer- cially available. The range of colours in which it is made is at present small and the colours are on the dull side ; but no doubt these things will be improved in time. If this flooring does what it bids fair to do we shall be one step further along the road to the perfect house..