25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 6

The Daily Eapress has done valuable service in the past

week in exposing recent flagrant perversions of fact regarding this country in the American Press. It was the New York Daily Mirror, one of the worst types of the so-called "tabloid Press," which passed off a picture of the crowds gathered at the Palace to greet the King on his return to London after his convalescence at Bognor in 1929 as hunger-rioting in 1932, and used a photo of a gipsy running beside the royal carriage at the 1928 Derby to represent the King repelling the unem- ployed, while the Chicago Tribune ran across several columns the headline," London Mob Riots at the Palace." The Associated Press of America, too, with its account of how" mounted and foot police saved the King's palace and official residences from attack" has a good deal to answer for. All this suggests one reflection very definitely. if such perversions about events here gain currency in an educated country like the United States, with literally unrivalled channels of information open, what prospect is there of, say, India or China seeing this country as anything even remotely resembling what it really k JANus,