25 NOVEMBER 1938, Page 2

The Future of Ruthenia It is not yet certain what

the future of the autonomous State of Ruthenia will be. At present, it gives Germany a valuable spearhead against Poland and the Soviet Union, with their large Ukrainian minorities ; and Poland is not reconciled to the existence of such a danger or of the barrier to her common frontier with Hungary. Hungary is being urged not to be afraid of settling the problem in her own interests, that is, to seize Ruthenia by force. Within Ruthenia itself demands are made for union with Hungary, and there are numerous reports of invasions of the territory by Polish and Hungarian irregulars. It is suggested that Poland and Hungary can rely on the help of Italy, as the coming into force of the Anglo-Italian Agreement has guaranteed her colonial possessions and left her free to concentrate on her Central European interests. But to rely on Italian support against Germany is dangerous, even though any weakening of the axis would be unfortunate for Germany at the moment. The situation is now further complicated by the fall of the Hungarian Government and uncertainty as to what the policy of Dr. Imredy's successor will be. Equally, the Polish- Hungarian plan must face the opposition of Rumania, and the Ruthenian problem will certainly play a part in King Carol's conversations in Germany, where he is now the guest of his cousin, the Prince of Hohenzollern.

* * * *