25 NOVEMBER 1938, Page 21


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR] SIR,—The comments of Janus in your last issue on the judge's strictures on a surgeon with regard to his fees raises matters of considerable interest to the medical and legal professions and td insurance companies.

It is difficult to see why a doctor should not receive proper remuneration for work done by him which will benefit the wrongdoer and ultimately the company who insures the wrong- doer.

It is the duty of judges, no doubt, to see that a doctor, or for that matter anyone else, does not exploit a case at the expense of the defendant or insurance company, but surely there can be no doubt where a surgeon, as in this case, has charged a proper fee for his services and those services were necessary for the recovery of the patient that he should be paid by the person whose negligence is responsible for the condition of the patient or by the company who insures such person.—Yours faithfully,