25 NOVEMBER 1938, Page 21


[To the Editor ofHE SPECTATOR] SIR,—Doubtless very many readers of The Spectator are also subscribers to the King-Hall News Letter. For the benefit, however, of those who are not, the most excellent proposal set forth in the current issue, No. 124, seems to call for the widest publicity.

We are all ready and wishful to help refugees in their appalling plight. Here is a way : " There are probably nearly a million people in Central Europe whose life is a living hell, but whose only crime is that they are of the same racial stock as that of the Mother of Christ. . . . Let the democratic and civilised nations, led by U.S.A. and Great Britain (there are twenty-seven nations represented on the Inter- Governmental Refugees Committee), create refugee postage stamps of a purchase price greater than their postal value. For example, in Great Britain the halfpenny refugee stamp would cost a penny, and the three-halfpenny would cost 2d. The difference between the postal value of these stamps and their cost to be paid by each participating country into a central fund to be administered by the Inter-Governmental Refugees Committee."

Is not that a practical and truly helpful suggestion ?—Faithfully' Abbots Langley, Herts.