25 OCTOBER 1997, Page 33

LETTERS St George soon?

Sir: Robert Rhodes James's voice (Not as nice as all that', 18 October) was a refresh- ing antidote to the ludicrous outpourings of grief and expressions of hagiographic ado- ration which characterised the treatment of George Thomas's death and 'legacy' by the Western Mail, the self-styled national news- paper of Wales. In contrast, tributes to the late Princess of Wales in the same newspa- per were less effusive and far more sane.

Thomas was one of the most dedicated enemies Wales has had since the last war. Despite his much-vaunted socialist beliefs, he was a shameless sycophant who courted both political power and the company of the rich, famous and royal. His period of service as Harold Wilson's Welsh hench- man during the 1960s saw the spawning of an unholy alliance between a corrupt socialism and gluttonous big business which did irreparable harm to industrial South Wales. Thomas was perfectly suited to this seedy milieu, the undisguised embodiment of a discredited and reprehensible system, at once drab, devious and defunct. `Consensus' attitudes in Wales to Thomas's life make one wonder whether some sort of beatification campaign is the Inevitable next step. I hope people in Eng- land are aware that a large section of the Population of Wales holds George Thomas, his ilk, and all they stood for, in utter con-

R.J. Evans Maes-Yr-Haf, Cwrnffrwd, Carmarthen, Wales