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The Water of Life

"Some spirits are timerous, others feel the need for disguise, but whisky is bold and proud".

Michael Jackson The World Guide to Whisky Enjoy tasting some of the best whiskies available, simply complete and return the coupon.

in the valleys of Speyside, where it has been distilled since 1824.

The Macallan miniature is priced at £3.60

The Balvenie

Founders Reserve 10 years old is fashioned of malts from selected sherry and bourbon casks. A distinctive delicious malt rich in colour, bouquet and flavour. Miniature priced at £3.29 Double Wood 12 years old gains its distinctive character from its maturation in two woods; a traditional whisky cask, then an original sherry cask. Each lends qualities to the maturing whisky; the traditional wood softness and character, the sherry wood depth and fulness of flavour. Miniature priced at £3.60 Single Barrel 15 years old is drawn from a single cask of a single distillation. Uniquely mellow, yet full flavoured, each bottling forms a limited 50.4% ABV. Miniature priced at £5.10

The Premium Collection is a beautifully presented selection of six of the world's greatest whiskies. An inspired gift choice, The Premium Collection consists of three blended whiskies (The Famous Grouse, The Famous Grouse Gold Reserve and Black Bottle) and three fine single malt whiskies (Highland Park, Bunnahabhain and The Macallan).

The pack is accompanied by an informative and lively cassette guiding the taster through the different blends and malts.

The Premium Collection pack of six miniatures is available at £19.99 Laphroaig single Islay malt Scotch whisky, with its rugged, peaty taste which you either "love or hate", is challenging Spectator readers to experience the definitive Islay malt whisky, with a special "sampler kit".

The kit contains a miniature bottle of 10 year old Laphroaig, a branded shot glass and a £3 money off voucher to purchase a 70c1 bottle of 10 year old Laphroaig. The price of this Laphroaig initiation kit is just £2.99 4

at £2.50 5 The Glenturret is the oldest single Highland Malt Whisky distillery, and is located at Hosh near Loch Turret. Over two million people have visited!

The award winning Glenturret 12 year old has a malty but rounded nose with a hint of Bourbon wood.

The Glenturret miniature is priced at £4.40 6

The whisky considered by many connoisseurs to be not only the ultimate Islay malt, but one of the best whiskies in the world - Ardbeg - has been re-launched by the famous distillery's new owners, Glenmorangie plc. Ardbeg Single Islay malt is revered around the world as one of the the most balanced Islay malt

whiskies. Its peaty, smoky, yet complex taste is the pinnacle of achievement from Islay. Ardbeg 17 years Old and a rare 1978 Vintage are now available in Oddbins and specialist retailers. Ardbeg miniature is priced at £3.50

7 Powerful and distinctive, Black Bottle delivers the strength and smoothness of Islay satisfying even the most discerning Scotch Whisky drinker. The blend is characterised by its smooth and rounded body with traces of peatiness and smokiness which bear testimony to its Islay roots. Smooth yet powerful, Black Bottle delivers in a blended

Scotch Whisky a level of depth, charachter and sophistication often only associated with single malt whiskies.

The Black Bottle miniature is priced at £1.75 8

The Antiquary, with its name taken from the famous novel by Sir Walter Scott, has a long heritage. It is a unique blend of Scotch whiskies which have been carefully selected from Scotland's most cherished malts and grains. Each of the whiskies that Make up The Antiquary is a minimum of 12 years old, and

9 Tamdhu is Gaelic for 'little dark hill'. This pale amber single malt whisky has a slightly smoky nose, a malty sweetness and mellow finish. The distillery stands on the banks of the Spey between Archiestown and Knocicando.

It is noted for its own natural spring and for its insistence on malting all of its own barley on site. It is the only distillery to do so, ensuring the highest quality control.

The Tamdhu miniature is priced at £2.50

10 Glenfiddich Special Reserve is the

only Highland malt whisky to be made using a single source of natural spring water and bottled at source, contributing to its unique, distinctive purity of taste. It has a light, pale gold colour which is entirely natural, aquired from

the oak casks in which

the whisky is blended.

By marrying together carefully selected casks, the smoothness, depth of flavour and delicate fragrance for which Glenfiddich is renowned is created. The Glenfiddich miniature is priced at £2.70 referred to as Orkney's gold. The Highland Park miniature is available at £3.50 12

Distilled on the Black Isle in the Northern Highlands since 1838, Glen Ord is a high quality malt whisky suitable for both first time whisky drinkers and those with more experienced palates.

Described by Michael Jackson as "perilously drinkable", it has a rich characterful taste which is the result of 12 year maturation in oak casks.

You can sample a 20c1 bottle of Glen Ord for £6.99 13

Michael Jackson's excellent book The World Guide to Whisky is available in bookshops, or by mail order from world renowned whisky specialist Mil'rays of Soho Te1:0171 437 9311