25 SEPTEMBER 1847, Page 20


Tuesday, Sept. 21.


3. and G. Tattershall, Ivybridge, Devonshire, tanners—Coartenay and Co. Fieldgate Street, chemists—Alexander and James Broom, Friday Street, commission-agents- Bonatny and Son, barge-owners—Spackman and Bodman, Marshfield, Gloucestershire, drapers—Watson and Taylor, Darlington, stock-brokers—Golly and Smith, Hull, com-

mission-agents-Shiptons and Co. Wolverhampton, carriers-Merck and Thomas, Princes Street, Hanover Square, tailors-Butler and Peden, St. Helen's, Lancashire, booksellers

Graves and Kearsley, Manchester, stock-brokers-Hales and Co. Norton Green Col- fiery, Staffordshire-Godwin and Co. Bristol, tilers-H. and J. Hart, Abchurch Lane, accountants-Copolin and Hann, Pittdeld Street, Horton, ham-dealers-Thomas and James Herby, Bromley, Middlesex, rope-makers-Swift and Phillips, Wordsley, Stafford- shire, iron-founders-Chout and Co. Chelmsford, iiverystable-keepers ; as far as regards H. Swain-Brown and Alderson, Tottenham Court Road, Unendrapers -Barstow and stsrat, Leeds, flax-spinners.


JOHNSON, Josses, Liverpool, flour-dealer.


COTTERILL, CHARLES FOSTER, and HILL, WILLIAM HENRY, Walsall, merchants, to surrender Oct. 2, 30: solicitor, Mr. Bolton, Wolverhampton ; official assignee, Mr. Whit- more, Birmingham. DAy, JOSEPH JENNINGS, Liverpool, ship-broker, Oct. 4, 27: solicitors, Messrs. John- son and Co. Temple ; Mr. Grocott, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool.

Evian, WILLIAM, Derby, lamp manufacturer, Oct. 8, Nov. 5 : solicitors, Mr. Rowley, Nottingham ; Mr. Whiston, Derby ; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Nottingham.

GARDINER, JOSEPH, Birmingham, provision-merchant, Oct. 2, 30: solicitor, Mr. Hard- ing, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Birmingham. HALL, GEORGE, Trowse Newton, Norfolk, builder, Oct. 2, Nov. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Abbot and Wheatley, Rolls' Yard, Chancery Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Bastngball Street. HMSO, Joanna, Jury Street, Aldgate, watch-manufacturer, Sept. 30, Nov. 4 : solici- tor, Mr. redden, Cheapside ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street. jAcKSON, JOHN GARDINER, Newcastle Street, Strand, importer of fancy papers, Sept. 98, Nov. 2: solicitors, Messrs. Wright and Bonner, London Street, Fenchurch Street ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street. LRWER, Joan, Portsea, Hampshire, carpenter, Sept. 30, Nov. 1 : solicitors, Mr. Mur- ray, London Street ; Mr. Stigant, Portsea ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers. PRATT, DAVID, and FINNEMORE, JOSEPH, Birmingham, steel-pen-manufacturers, Oct. 5, Nov. 2: solicitor, Mr. Hodgson, Birmingham ; official assignee, Valpy, Birmingham. Scow, EDWARD, Tunbridge Wells, innkeeper, Oct. 2, Nov. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Sloe and Robinson, Parish Street, Southwark, Smart. GEORGE, Coventry, draper, Oct. 5, Nov. 2 : solicitor, Mr. Smith, Birming- ham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham. VAUGHAN, JAMES CHARLES, Eastcheap, fruit-merchant, Oct. 6, Nov. 16: solicitor, Mr. Gauntlett, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers.

WORPELL, Joan, High Street, Shoreditch, cabinet-maker, Sept 27, Nov. 1 : solicitors, Messrs. Lawrence and Mews, Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.


Oct. 14, Burdett, Littoxeter, Staffordshire, grocer-Oct. 15, Pritchard, Bristol, vic- tualler-Oct. 13, Cox, Manchester, wine-merchant-Oct. 13, Cox, Salford, Lancashire, wine-dealer-Oct. 14, Pearson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, currier-Oct. 14, Hall, Caypath, Durham, grocer.


To be granted, mikes cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. Oct. 13, Jones, Basingstoke, Southampton, tailor-Oct. 13, Card, Westbury, Wiltshire, miller-Oct. 12, Gage, Gosport, victualler-Oct. 16, Lawrence, Reading, draper-Oct. 16, Craft, Spring Street. Paddington, fishmonger-Oct. 14, Holford, Dudley, Worcester- shire, grocer-Oct. 15, Kinder, Birkenhead, painter-CM. 14, Smith, Ashton In Hacker field, Lancashire, cotton-spinner-Oct. 19, Hurdle, Hazelbury Bryan, Devonshire, cheese-factor-Oct. 12, Cox, Manchester, wine-merchant.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Oct. 12. Bailey, Stalybridge, Cheshire, Joiner.


Came and Telo, Liverpool, merchants ; first die. of Is. 5d. any Monday after Oct. 5 ; Mr. Bird, Liverpool-Edwards, Aberdovoy, Merionethshire, draper ; first div. of 5s. any Monday after Oct. 15; Mr. Bird, Liverpool.


BAIRD, T., and Co. Pollockshawa, Renfrewshlre, dyers, Sept. 24, Oct. 14.

CAMPBELL, D., Dunkeld, innkper. Sept. 24, Oct. 15.

Gmussu, and Co. Glasgow, merchants, Sept. 27, Oct. 16.

Homan, J., Kirkpatrick Junta, Dumfriesshire, innkeeper, Sept. 24, Oct. 15.

Friday, Sept. 24.


Joel and Asher. Mount Street, Lambeth, haberdashers-Lamb and Nettleship, Ket- tering, attundes-T. find J. Carter, Wood Street, merchants-Beauchamp, senior and juulor, Brentford End, bricklayers-French, Brothers, Royal Exchange, chronometer- makers-Hardman and Iliffe, London, button-manufacturers-J. and J. Charlesworth, Bothwell. Yorkshire, colliery-proprietors ; as far as regards J. D. Charlesworth-Hooper and Avery, Fenchureh Street, sugar-brokers-Williamson and Cheadle, Coventry, ear- riers-Langsdale and Co. Liverpool, borax-manufacturers-Bromilaw and Co. Ecele- ston, Lancashire, coal-proprietors-Wilson and Co. Luton, Bedfordshire, straw manu- facturers-Shaw and Co. Kirkheaton, Yorkshire, slubbing-millers-Nicholl and Pidduck, Rursiem, Staffordshire, mercers-Garratt and Co. Bristol, tea-dealers-Wardlaw and Co. Glasgow-North British Bank, Glasgow ; as far as regards J. Hunter and Son, J. Hunter, and J. E. Hunter.


TURNER, ABRAHAM, Huddersfield, grocer.


CRAKE, JOSIAH Joint Lowestoft, linen-draper, to surrender Oct. 4, Nov. 8 ; solici- tors, Messrs. Clowes and Co. Temple ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.

DYER, JOSEPH WOODFIELD, Sly Street. Clerkenwell, cheesemonger, Oct. 6, Nov. 11: solicitors, Messrs. Crosby and Co. Church Court, Old Jewry ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

PINEGER, Wittman, Highworth, Wiltshire, innkeeper, Oct. 7, Nov. 2: solicitor, Mr. Packwood, Cheltenham ; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol.

Ross, JAMES, Great Tower Street, grocer, Sept. 30, Nov. 8 : solicitors, Messrs. Wright and Co. London Street ; official assignee, Mr. Turmiand, Old Jewry Chambers.

Svocs, BENJAMIN, Margate, innkeeper, Oct. 6, Nov. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Fry and Co. Poultry ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers.

Snore, WILLIAM LANTROW, Ashton-under-Lyne, grocer, Oct. 8, 29: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Mr. Brooks, Ashton-under-Lyne; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

THOMPSON, THOMAS KIRBY, Great Tower Street, grocer, Oct. 8, Nov. 8 : solicitors, Messrs. Shearman and Slater, Great Tower Street ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers.

TOWNSEND, TnomAs SALE, and TOWNSEND, WILLIAM, Liverpool, drapers, Oct. 7, Nov. 1: solicitors, Messrs. Comthwalte and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; Mr. Pemberton, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool.


Oct. 18, Aitcheson, Great Windmill Street, wine-merchant-Oct. 19, Walton, Leeds, tailor-Oct. 19, Shaun, Leeds, woollen-merchant-Oct. 21, Dix, Wells, saddler-Oct. 20, Clay, Liverpool, boiler-maker-Oct. 20, Griffith,,iverpool, wholesale stationer - Oct. 21, Townley, Blackburn, cotton-spinner-Oct. 15, A. and It. Halley, Wigton, calico- printers.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Oct. 18, Aitcheson, Great Windmill Street, wine-merchant-Oct. 16, Elliott, Giltspur Street, chemist-Oct. 21, Ackling, Llangenech, Carmarthenshire, corn-dealer-Oct. 15, Evans, Talyllyn, Merionethshire, cattle-dealer-Oct. 18, Yates, Liverpool, Joiner-Oct. 19, J. and G. Hill, Exeter, builders.

To be granted unle.ss cause be shown to the contrary on or before Oct. 15. Street, King, North End, Fulham, victualler-Coney, Harrow Road, masers-Dircks, Winsley cAreet, Oxford Street, malt-manufacturer-Spence, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tailor-Selby, Barleigh Street, Strand, wine-merchant-Sargon, Brunswick Place, City Road, vinegar- dealer-Burgess, Skinner Street, Somers' Town, grocer.


Cowper and Co. Darlington, linen-drapers ; final div. of 61c1. any Saturday after Oct. 2 ; Mr. Baker,Neweastle-upon-Tyire-Geach, dumb-Major, Cornwall, anctioneer ; first and final env. of 5s. 71d. on and sifter Oct. 11 ; Mr. Hemaman, Exeter-Bosustow, Red- run, Cornwall, grocer; first div. of 6s. on and after Oct. 11 ; Mr. Hernaman, Exeter.


CLEmosan, J. and J., Edinburgh, woollen-drapers, Oct. 2, 30.

GREW, J. II., Edinburgh, writer, Sept- 27, Oct- 18. GEMYELL, W. and T., and Co.' Glasgow, merchants, Sept. 27, Oct. 16. Largo, J., Greenock, merchant, Oct. 1, 25. Msiln.vamr, A.' Paisley, baker, Sept. 28, Oct. 19.

W. W and Son, Dundee, merchants, Sept. 29, Oct. 20.