25 SEPTEMBER 1847, Page 8

By the overland mail intelligence has this afternoon been received

from Calcutta to the 7th of August, from Bombay to the 2d of August, and from Hong-kong to the 22d of July. The intelligence from India may be summed up in four words—there is no news: tranquillity was general, the exception being the continuance of the petty warfare in the Goomsur territory.

Bat the intelligence from China is interesting. Great complaint is made that Sir John Davis, after declining to receive the petition from the people of Henan,* had at last consented to receive it, and had promised that their land, (ceded to the British by the provincial authorities,) should not be taken by force. Towards the latter end of June there had been another attempt to burn the boat-house adjoining the factories at Canton; but the mob was easily dispersed by a party of Marines and seamen from the Pluto steamer. The war-ships, Vulture and Derdalus, were at Hong-kong, besides four troop-ships, recently arrived; and Sir John Davis had at his command a force of 3,000 men.

The commercial news is chequered: at Bombay, the markets were gloomy "; at Calcutta, both the export and import markets were more active, and the money market was " easier "—though reliance was placed on remittances from China and from home; and in China, trade is said to be "healthy."

There appears to be no doubt that the Cleopatra was lost during the rough weather in the middle of April last: she has not been heard of since that hurricane.