25 SEPTEMBER 1847, Page 8



The Duke of Lucca has fled from his Dutchy. The hesitation which the Duke manifested at the commencement of the month soon returned; and, under pretext of ill health, he instituted a regency, and quitted his states sine die. The decree announcing the fact and constituting the re- gency, of date the 15th August, contains this strange passage-

" According to the terms of our mote proprio of the 1st September, the Coun- cil will endeavour to adopt the reforms which it may believe to be useful; rather following, however, than preceding Tuscany. Nevertheless, we do not mean to sanction measures which may injure our rights as sovereign." The Duke took with him his plate and jewels; and he was accompanied by Mr. Ward, an English gentleman, who is styled*" his Finance Minis- ter." Subsequently, the evasive Prince was seen at Parma. His flight had caused great irritation in Lucca.

Letters from Florence of the 17th mention that the law for organizing the Civic Guard, just promulgated, bad not satisfied public expectation: it excluded from active service workmen, peasants, and labourers, and re- tained in the hands of the Government the exclusive appointment of officers.

According to the Nouvelliste of Marseilles, " the insurrection makes progress in Calabria. A Provisional Government has been established. Its first act was to abolish the tax on salt, and to change all the functionaries opposed to its views."