25 SEPTEMBER 1847, Page 8

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland gave audience on Tuesday to a

deputa- tion from the late Grand Jury of the county of Kerry, charged to present several resolutions asking relief. Inter alia, the resolutions solicited an advance from the Imperial treasury of 73,9531 for completing the public roads, and of 43,2111 the amount of the present relief-rate, thus increasing the county debt for 1847 to 238,2181.; an allowance in time of twenty- two years for repayment by a fixed annuity of si per cent; and an imme- diate advance of money for drainage, &c. under the recent acts. Other more general suggestions were made for reducing the area of taxation, and encouraging the fisheries. The Lord-Lieutenant regretted that the state of the revenue precluded a compliance with the first request. To the others he promised a full consideration; expressing his surprise that the advance for drainage had not already been made. The deputation after- wards ascertained, by inquiring at the Board of Works, that 30,0001. had been sanctioned by the Treasury, and was immediately forthcoming.