25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 1


BY far the most important news of the week is that received as to the mobilization of the Bulgarian Army. Wednesday's news was officially.confirmed by a state- ment in Thursday's papers that the Bulgarian Minister in London had received a telegram announcing the general mobilization of the Bulgarian forces. The Minister informed a Reuter representative that this meant that Bulgaria would maintain neutrality, but an armed neutrality. It would clearly be most unwise to indulge in any criticism of Bulgaria's action, or indeed to make any comment at all till the situation is clearer. All we can do at present is to record the fact, and to note the fighting value of the force so suddenly placed upon a war footing. Accord- ing to a statement made by a Bulgarian reserve officer in England to a representative of Reuter's Agency, Bulgaria will be able to put something like three hundred thousand men into the field. This officer further states that the Bulgarian regimental stores have been amply replenished, and we are told that the Krupp artillery taken from the Turks in the war of 191243 has made the Bulgarian artillery a great deal stronger than it was in that war. We have grown so much accustomed to huge military figures that those of Bulgaria seem small. There can be little doubt, however, as to the good quality of the troops.