25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 1

We have dealt elsewhere with the Russian campaign, but must

record here that, though Vilna was evacuated by the Russians last Saturday and at once occupied by the Germans, the latter have failed completely in their main object, which was, of course, not the occupation of the town, but the encirclement and destruction of the Russian Army. The Russians held on in the salient of 'Vilna with the greatest courage and enterprise until the very last moment, and then, just as things reached a critical stage, and when the pessimists of Britain and France were determined that there was no possible escape for them and that destrue- tion was certain, they slipped through the closing pincers. As always happens when a great encircling movement fails, the Germans have been obliged for the last three or four days to stop their advance and rearrange their line. The Germans exhibit, as a rule, wonderful rapidity in their advances, but rapid advances and encircling tactics are incompatible, and we shall be greatly surprised if the German dash can begin again for several days. The latest news on Thursday shows that the retreating Russians have turned and attacked Marshal von Hindenburg's forces, and not without success.