25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 14


[To TRIO EDITOR OF TUE "SFR0TAY0R•" SIR,—Does not experience tend to show that some of the gravest difficulties of popular government are due to the fact that the democracy is so apt to want a thing and yet to be unwilling to pay the price of it? At the present moment in the United States public opinion demands the vindication of American honour without the risk of war. British Trade Unionists wish, we are assured, that their country may win this war, but object to the whole able-bodied manhood of the nation being placed at the disposal of the Government in the hour of need. A short time ago, how many of those who supported Home Rule for Ireland were really in favour of the action necessary in order to subject Ulster to a Dublin Parliament ? Qui veut la fin, veut les moyens, is a truth to which people persistently shut their eyes when anything painful or unwelcome is involved.—I am, Sir, 8us., C. L. D.