25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 16


[TO TIER EDITOR OF THY "Srsernros."] Sin,—Perhaps the following coincidence regarding the numker 13 may be of interest to some of your -readers. Br.siness connected with passports called four of us to Latsanne yesterday, the 13th. On our return journey by train we noticed that the number of tho railway carriage in which we were seated was 8,203. These figures added together make 13. Presently two soldiers entered our carriage. The number of their regiment displayed on their caps was 166; again 131 Next the conductor who came to examine our tickets had the number 541 in brass figures on his leather satchel; once again 131 We drew his attention to the fact and pointed out the other three cases. lie was still more astonished, however, when we asked him to count the number of persons in the carriage. There were thirteen, including himself I All he could say was, with a shrug of the shoulders, "I was born on the 13th." Finally, when collecting our tickets before reaching Territet, our destination, the conductor wished us good-night and said: "You leave the train at the thirteenth station from where you started!" Those who believe in the ill luck that is said to accompany the number 13 may perhaps be not surprised that one of our party lost much-valued hit of jewellery on this journey. They will doubtless believe equally in the good luck of the number 7, and explain the return of the lost treasure this morning by the fact that the number 13 turned up just seven times.---1 am, Sir, &a., 0. At. Dux. Territet, Switzerland, September 14th.