25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 16


[To THE EDITOR Or THR "BouTATort."] SIR,—We regret that we must lay the urgent needs of the War Library before you and the public and ask for help. The War Library, which has been working since August, 1914, is now officially recognized as the medium by the Post Office for

distributing literature to the naval and military hospitals, and undertakes the monthly supply of over ninety hospitals in France, sixty hospitals in Malta, Alexandria, Cairo, Lemnos, Port Said,

Cyprus, &c., sixty-eight naval and military hospitals and carriers and many ambulance flotillas and trains, and four hundred hospitals in the British Isles. In response to our appeal in May we received £44.4, of which a small balance is left. We shall require at least .2500 to carry us up to next April.

In the first nine months all the expenses were paid for by two kind donors. These expenses now amount to nearly £100 per month for packers, packing materials, carriage, stationery, postage, fire, and lighting. We do not pay rent, as the ground floor of Surrey House, Marble Arch, London, W., has very kindly been lent to us by Lady Battersea. All our workers, who number over forty, are unpaid except three.

We cannot trespass on your space by quoting from the numerous expressions of gratitude received from the sick and wounded, but we can assure the public that the gifts of books, papers, and magazines so generously sent to us for distribution are greatly appreciated. The fact that the wounded are most grateful for these gifts should stimulate givers to further effort and sacrifice, and we feel it compels and justifies this appeal for money. Our bankers, to whom cheques should be crossed, are the London County and Westminster Bank, Edgware Road Branch.—We are,


} Hon. Sees.