25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 17



"SOMEWHERE in France"—we know not where—be lies, Mid shuddering earth and under anguished skies!

We may not visit him, but this we say :

Though our steps err his shall not miss their way.

From the exhaustion of War's fierce embrace He, nothing doubting, went to his own place.

To him has come, if not the crown and palm, The kiss of Peace—a vast, sufficing calm !

So fine a spirit, daring, yet serene,— He may not, surely, lapse from what has been : Greater, not less, his wondering mind must be; Ampler the splendid vision be must see. 'Tis unbelievable he fades away,— An exhalation at the dawn of day I Nor dare we deem that he has but returned Into the Oversoul, to be discerned Hereafter in the bosom of the rose, In petal of the lily, or in those Far jewelled sunset skies that glow and pale, Or in the rich note of the nightingale.

Nay, though all beauty may recall to mind What wo in. his fair life were wont to find, He shall escape absorption, and shall still Preserve a faculty to know and will.

Such is my hope, slow climbing to a faith : (We know not Life, how should we then know Death?) From our small limits and withholdings free, Somewhere he dwells and keeps high company; Yet tainted not with so supreme a bliss As to forget he knew a world like this.