25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 3

It is hardly necessary for us to endorse Lord Curzon's

words, for be has only put in very concise and moving language what we have endeavoured to say ever since the compulsionist controversy became acute.. No sane man desires to force a system of compulsion upon Lord Kitchener and his colleagues as long as they are willing to tell us that they are getting plenty of recruits without compulsion and do not desire to change their system. But though we have not the right to force compulsion on an unwilling Government, we have not only a right but an obvious duty to let them know that in our belief the majority of the people of this country are perfectly willing to make the sacrifices necessary for universal service. The notion that we are to refrain from bringing these facts borne to the Government because the policy of National Service has certain injudicious and irresponsible advocates in the Press is preposterous.