25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 3

Mr. Lloyd George has also written to a constituent a

thoroughly sound letter on National Service. " You say," he writes, "and say rightly, that the Government ought to give the nation a lead on the question whether the moral obligation [to serve] should be converted into a legal obligation. The Government, I can assure you, are fully alive to the necessity for giving a definite lead. . . . Undue delay might be disastrous—but undue precipitation might be equally disastrous." Mr. Lloyd George goes on to say that he has not yet heard of the man who would resist compulsion if it were shown that Germany could not be beaten without it. lie does not believe that such men are to be found among the working classes.. "Let the Government have a fair chance to decide,. All this clatter and racket outside the Council. Chamber are fatal to deliberation."