25 SEPTEMBER 1915, Page 3

The only difference in his position is that where he

once stood without much backing, lie now finds himself in a company, which is daily growing in numbers and importance, of persons convinced by the unanswerable logic of military facts :- " But," he adds," I have scrupulously refrained from saying one ,word on the subject either in speech or letter or interview or for publication in any form, content to act in that spirit of loyalty to the Prime Minister and my colleagues without which Cabinet government is an impossibility, and to rely upon the discussion which is about to take place for producing agreement."

Lord Curzon ends his letter by an appeal so admirable and so much to the point that wo must reproduce it verbatim :—

" May I appeal to you and to the Press in general to discourage the attempt that is being so freely made in certain quarters to manufacture discord where it does not exist, and particularly against the pernicious method of controversy involved in picking out individuals, and attributing to them actions, thoughts, or intentions of which they are in all probability wholly innocent, or in imagining plots and conspiracies for which there is no vestige of foundation P There are several ways of losing the war, but one of the surest will be to muddy—I might almost say to poison ,--our own wells."