25 SEPTEMBER 1926, Page 33


THE FORTUNES OF HUGO. By Denis Mackail. (Heinemann. 7s. 6d. net.)—This enchantingly light-hearted and diverting book concerns the adventures of Hugo Peak, a rich young man of immense cheerfulness and charm and. practically no sense at all. He adores the pretty daughter of a newspaper peer, and in order to win consent to marry her is set the task of proving himself a man by breaking into jour- nalism. His efforts, which show more optimism than judgment, are absurdly funny. Mr. Mackail manages to conjure up hitherto unsuspected funds of humour from Fleet Street. He gives us star-reporters, sporting journalists, news editors, and correspondence college directors. They are all funny, but still not half so funny as Hugo Peak. The Fortunes of Hugo is a joyous piece of work which must appeal to everyone : it sparkles, it abounds in bright observations on human nature and writers particularly, and each episode in the painful adventures of the gallant Hugo is funnier than the last. The climax which takes place at a Dog Show is incomparable, and the book altogether a delight.