25 SEPTEMBER 1964, Page 14

SIR,—I object to the way you seek to fob off

D. E. Morgan's protest at Watchman's language about Scotch and Welsh nationalists and their aims. The use of such boo-words as 'dotty' and of 'supercilious phrases like 'their eccentric say' is not an expression of opinion; it is merely a sneer. At a time when re- jection of English rule is so globally fashionable,

nationalist parties with serious political and social

aims surely deserve a more responsible type of comment. The words used do, of course, illustrate an obvious fact: force is the only argument the English really appreciate in matters of this sort. An archbishop or any other thug who cares to organ- ise a campaign of murder can soon get independence for his country and be called a statesman into the bargain. Nations too decent to resort to bullets in the back must go on being called 'dotty.'

Imo DAVIES The Grammar School, Cowbridge, Glamorgan