25 SEPTEMBER 1976, Page 14

Sir: With his jaundiced view of the Croats and Croatia

which pays curious homage to a passe category of the Yugo-nationaliststate, and by his visibly enjoying political plots and counter-plots, Mr West almost succeeded in creating insoluble confusion. This was calculated. However, as he has 'triggered-off' the usage of Yugo-speak fiveletter-words, I should like to quote the greatest living Croatian writer (and a pal of Tito).Miroslav Krleza: 'The Croatian press is a boring, sentimental virgin but the press in Serbia is a bucketful of shit.' Mr West has now debased your paper to this same level of Belgrade 'revolver journalism: Finally, permit me just to prove his otherwise general ignorance even in the simple linguistic matter about the meaning of the word p... a, which is not the equivalent of the medical term vagina, but equivalent to the English word c.. t, used most of the time, metaphorically, to mean 'a rotter' and usually used with attributes such as 'expansio

nist Serbian c ts', which at the same time explains why the Croats do not get on with the Serbs.

T. Markovic 26 Arlington Gardens, London W4