25 SEPTEMBER 1976, Page 14

TV licences

Sir: I find myself in something of a quandary, and should welcome the opportunity to air my problem in your columns.

I have this week received a circularised letter from an organisation calling itself the National TV Licence Records Office, at Barton House, Bond Street, Bristol. They are concerned that I have no television licence. The idea that I might not have a television set seems not to have occurred to them until the final paragraph of their letter; up to that point they assume either that their records are wrong (for example, because I may have moved recently), or that I am using a ,television set for which I have no licence. These people at Bond Street (Bristol) are worried that their records may be incomplete and have asked for my help. I wonder whether I should co-operate by buying a television set and licensing it immediately; or perhaps even getting a licence by itself, since I have no wish to own a TV set.

R. Bainbridge 74 Cheyne Way, Farnborough, Hants,