25 SEPTEMBER 1993, Page 25

Oval test

ONCE UPON a time our eggs had lions on them, put there by the British Egg Marketing Board, and shopkeepers were prosecuted when they tried to scrub the marks off. Eggs without lions on them had a chance of being fresh. This spectacularly unsuccessful campaign has not been repeated, and now the European Commission has banned advertising on eggs. So shopkeepers will now be prosecuted if they do not scrub the marks off. A shell is nature's packaging, and if there are tigers on cornflakes there can surely be lions on eggs, but I would pay a small premium not to sit at breakfast opposite an eye-bruising egg that loudly promotes a special offer of egg-cups. These matters are better resolved in the market. Still, they keep the Commission happy and busy, and (though the Board is no more) the British Egg Association, and the British Egg Information Service. Ring it up (on 071 370 7411) and get the message.