25 SEPTEMBER 1993, Page 30

30 long weekends?

The Spectator and Johansens, publishers of the exclusive hotel guides, are pleased to offer you the opportunity of a special break this winter and spring. Starting 2 October, The Spectator will publish special tokens, along with details of some of the hotels you can visit. Collect just three tokens from the six that will appear, and we will send you the exclusive Spectator/Johansens card that allows two people to stay for the price of one, and the complete list of establishments taking part.

You may use your card as often as you wish until the end of May 1994, (subject to the terms and conditions of use). Nor are you limited to weekends, as you may stay for any period of between two and five nights (excludin Christmas, New Year, Easter and Bank Holidays).

Full details of the offer, and the first of your tokens, will be published in The Spectator of 2 October 1993. Make sure of your copy by reserving it at your newsagent, or calling 0708 381122 for subscription details.