26 APRIL 1851, Page 19


On the 11th March, at Sholapore, Bombay. Presidency, the Wife of the .Rev. Dr.

Goldstein, of a son, stillborn. On the 1st April, at Rome, the Wife of Captain IL 'Wale, late of the Tlairty-third Regiment, of Shelford, Cambridgeshire, of a daughter. On the 10th, at Monaltrie House, Aberdeenshire, the Lady Cochrane, of a son and 'heir.

On the 21st, in Eaton Place, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Daly, of a son.

On the'2lst, at Stoke Canon Parsonage, near Exeter, the Wife of the Rev. Thomas Henry Knight, of a daughter. On the 29d, at Writtle'Park, the Hon. Mrs. Frederick Pare, ofa son and heir.


On the 18th February, at Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope, Henry Brutton Deare, Esq., youngest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel George Russel Hume, II.M. Eighth .1Iussars, to Catherine-Sophia, only.daughter of W. M-Harriss, Esq, of Port Elizabeth.

On the 10th April, at the Collegiate -Church of St. Paul, Valetta, Malta, P. W. M'Mahon, Esq., Captain Forty-fourth Regiment, to Ellen, daughter of G. S. Curtis, Esq., and granddaughter of the late Sir William Curtis, Bart.

On the 21st, at Weymouth, John Stuart Mill, Esq., of the East India House,- to Harriet Taylor, Widow of John.Taylor, Esq., of Kent Terrace, Regent's -Park. On the 22d, at Upton Church, Torquer, Thomas P. Tylee, Esq., to Louisa, second daughter of the late Major-General Pilkiogton, R.E., Inspector-General of Forti- fications.

On the 22d at Ealing, Middlesex, Captain Francis John Griffin, Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General at Montreal, to Sophia Louisa, second daughter of Captain `Wetherell, R.N., of Castle Hill Lodge. On the 22d, at All Saints' Church, Knightsbridge, Alexander Bhedden, Esq., of Morris Hill, Beith, Ayrshire, to Martha, second daughter of the late James Wilson, Esq., FR S., Professor of Anatomy to the Royal College of Surgeons.

On the 22d, at Exininster, Henry Hall Dare, Esq., of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, second son of the late R. W. Hall Dare, Esq., M.P. for the county of Essex, to Agatha, second daughter of Samuel Trehawke Kekewich, Esq., of Peamore, Devon. On the 22d, at Northill, Bedfordshire, Edward Latham, Esq., to Emily, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Taddy, Rector of Northill.

On the 23d, at the parish church of St. Mary, Winktield, George Lathom Browne, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Maria Christian, daughter of Captain John Forbes, R.N., of Winkfield Place, Berks. On the 23d, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Captain John Hamilton Elphinstone Dalrymple, Scots Fusilier Guards, son of the late Sir Robert Dalrymple Horn Elphinstone, Bart., to Georgina Anne, eldest daughter of the late W. P. Brig- stocke, Esq., /LP., and Widow of Francis Garden Campbell, Esq., of Troup and Glenlyon. On the 23d, at Langley, Bucks, Captain Worth, 11.3i., to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of the late George Booth, Esq., of Englefield Green, ani South End Manor House, Langley, Bucks.

On the 23d, at St. James's, Westminster. Henry Perin Steele, Esq.. of.Fenath Lodge, county of Carlow, J.P., and .one of her 'Majesty's Deputy-Lieutenants for the county of Dorset, and only surc'xing brother of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Robert Steele, to Ellen, fourth daughter of the late George 'King, Esq., of Buriton Manor House, Hants.

On the 23d, at Knowlton, the Rev. Trederick Tnfnel jun., Incumbent of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh, :to Frances Anne, second daughter of Rees- Admiral Hughes D'Aeth, of Knowlton Court, Kent.

On the 24th, at St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, Rowel Gwyn, Esq., M.P., -Of Baglan House, Glamorganshire, to Ellen Elizabeth, only daughter of 'John Moore, Esq., Plymouth.


On the 28th February, near Ambala, in India, Captain Joseph Davey 'Cunningham. Bengal Engineers, eldest son of the late Allan Cunningham, of Lower Belgrave Place. Pimlico ; in his 38th year. On the 9th April, at Clifton, Bristol, lady Thombrough, of Sir Eilwald Thornbrough, K.G.C„ Viee-Admiral of England.

On the 15th, at :Windsor, J. C. Tarter, Esq., for .twenty;five ;years French Master at Eton College; in his 61st year. On the 15th, the Rev. Thomas Ashley, 'Rector of Great Shefford, Berko, and for- merly of Rrazenose College, Oxford ; in his 79th year.

On.the 17th, Major-General Palmer, many years M.P. for Bath; in.his 74th year. On the .18th, at Tunbridge Wells,.11enry Lord Lan,gdalerlate Master of_the in his 68th year. (On the 18th, atErighton, the Right Hon. Lady Erskine.

An the 19th. at ,Blaatings, Richard Hugh Stephen, eldest son.M•the late Mark. enant-Colonel the lion. John Massey ; in his 19th year.

On the 20th, at Mortimer Hill, Berke, Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter, Bart.; in his 77th year. On the 20th, in Hamilton Terrace, Greenwich, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Garner, of the Hon. E. I. C. Service • in his 64th year. On the 22d, at Lambeth Palace, Mary, daughter of the late Wilson noble Wilson, Esq., and granddaughter of the Archbishop of Canterbury; in her 14th year. On the 23d, at Winchester House, St. James's Square, Jane Elizabeth, Wife of the Rev. Robert Sumner, Rector of Calbourne, Isle of White, and second daughter of Sir Richard Godin Simeon, Bart.

On the 24th, in Doughty Street, Mr. Charrington, formerly of Beddington, Surrey; in his 91st year.