26 APRIL 1890, Page 22

The Life of General Boulanger. By F. Turner. (Swan Sonnen-

schein and Co.)—We learn that Georges Ernest Jean Marie Boulanger, son of Mons. C. J. R. Boulanger and Marie Anne Webb Griffith, his wife, was born at Rennes on April 29th, 1837; that he went to the College at Nantes, then to St. Cyr, and received his first commission at the age of nineteen, serving for the first time in Algeria with a regiment of Turcos. One gets glimpses of French warfare. "All prisoners were shot." This was in 1857. He fought in the Austrian Campaign, and was wounded at Turbigo. After this came Cochin China. In 1870 he was in France, and seems to have gained as much credit as any of his brother-officers. Of his political career we shall say nothing. Any one who wishes to see it related from the point of view of a fervent admirer, should read this volume.