26 APRIL 1946, Page 14


SIR,—It is always dangerous for critics to use words which have not a precise meaning unless they trouble to make absolutely clear to the reader the sense in which they are being used. I have no doubt that Mr. Ayrton really believes that the pictures by Braque at the Tate Gallery are " merely decorative " and that he finds them " neither incompre- hensible nor good." But I am sure that his judgement would gain in validity if these terms were defined. For it is worth recording that, when he attended the Press view of the exhibition, he was apparently unaware that one of the larger pictures—" Little Red Table " (No. 12)—was hung

upside down.—I am, Sir, yours faithfully, DOUGLAS COOPER. 17 Cranmer Court, Sloane Avenue, S.W. 3.