26 APRIL 1946, Page 14

In My Garden Some reference to garden hedges (in which

I expressed a liking for Cotoneaster Simonsii) has brought a number of suggestions. The one that may perhaps be new to a good many comes from a Shropshire country house familiar to me. Its owner is enamoured of Pyrocantha Rogersiana. a Chinese shrub. It is evergreen, grows very quickly and makes a stout fence, and is hardy. Even if a little cut by unusually severe frost it recovers quickly. Whether it can now be procured in any quantity I do not know. Has anyone, I wonder, made a hedge of Berberis Henrys? It would perhaps be a shame to shear it, but its close habit, beautiful ever- green leaves and abundant flower and berry should make an even better hedge than Berberis Darwinii, though that is excellent. Many gardeners seem to be suffering from the malady of mice. Dipping beans and bigger seeds in red lead and paraffin remains perhaps the best remedy. When the broad beans grow vulnerable to black fly, liquid derris is held to be the best preventive. What a safe and sovereign insecticide it is!