26 APRIL 1946, Page 14

London Gardens A special effort is being made by the

London Gardens Society to extend its activities, which are already wide and various. The aims are to make a permanent contribution to the beautification of London by the grow- ing of flowers, more particularly in those parts that are dull and ugly, and " to provide a healthy and civilising interest for those who have little opportunity for self-expression." Several score of garden guilds are affiliated to the society, and it would be worth the while of individuals as well as groups to get in touch with the parent society at 47 Whitehall. It gives a good deal in return for a modest contribution. I do not know much about window-boxes, which are the smallest London gardens, but they seem to suit many wild flowers. One that I once greatly admired was carpeted and curtained by creeping jenny. If I had one I should grow a dandelion or two, which some of our mystic composters aver imparts virtue to its neighbours. Its honey and pollen make it a favourite of many insects, from hive bees downwards. The blitz has persuaded a very large number of Londoners that even rubble and tarmac may prove congenial to very beautiful flowers. A tiny London garden I once had grew as good lilies of the valley as ever I saw, and they multiplied.