26 APRIL 1968, Page 28

Race, the Tories and the law


From 1. M. Flobd, G. G. Mayo, A. W. Moss, B. Hoobennan, Giles Playfair, Martin Carmichael, S. P. Calloway, B. G. Bennett, Michael C. Rowe, Leslie Crutch, Enid Lakeman, Kingsley Martin, Peter Fleming, A. M. Everitt, Arthur B. P. Smither.

Sir: In the latter half of your leading article of 19 April you quite rightly state that the Govern- ment's Race Relations Bill is, by its ineffective- ness, worse than no Bill at all. Does not this imply that the rational course for a responsible Member of Parliament is at least to amend and probably to oppose it? Whether, therefore, Mr Heath's motives and those of his colleagues are mixed or not, on your showing their course of action would appear to be right.

I would be glad if you could dispel the im- pression that emotion has distorted your logic, the more so since many of your leading articles should be compulsory reading in Westminster and Whitehall.