26 APRIL 1968, Page 28

Sir: I have seldom come across such a blatant piece

of question begging as your editorial of 19 April.

I accept the fact that nearly everyone else also avoids the basic issue—such is the power of the pseudo-consensus—the charter of hypocrisy. The Tories attempt a double hypocrisy, to approve the aim in appearance and defeat the means in action.

The essential question is whether we British actually wish to improve race relations. I am not acquainted with any individual who does. De gustibus non est disputandum, even if you can call my tastes prejudices.

It may be the duty of churchmen to attempt to alter the natural tastes of their parishioners, although the Church of Rome is not notorious for this, but I do not see this as the duty of the editor of a journal, once famous for its impartial comment on events and tendencies.

Again the question of prejudice: I prefer reptiles to insects, and mammals to reptiles, and domestic animals to wild animals, and human beings to animals. I prefer Chinese to Hindus and Hindus to negroes and negroes to Australian aboriginals, but I principally prefer Europeans to all others including Yankees— these are all equally irrational and all equally reasonable and also all natural.

Some people prefer dogs to humans. I regard this as unnatural perversion mainly due to pro- found inferiorities and lack of courage.

G. G. Mayo 32 Cornwall Road, Littlehampton, Sussex