26 APRIL 1968, Page 28

Sir: In your issue of 19 April you make the

comment: 'The prejudice is that of a small group on the right of the party who believe that the immigrants are lucky to be in Britain and have to take us as we are' I note the word prejudice particularly. May I ask whether you believe that they are unlucky to be in Britain and that they should not accept us as we are? If your answer is Yes, why then do they come to Britain? If the answer is No, your comments make no sense.

For a long time now Africans and Asians have given preference in jobs in their own countries to their own races. This seems human, and therefore is accepted as sensible by the whites. Why therefore should there be one law for the African and Asian cultures and another one for the whites?

Do you think you can persuade yourself of the possibility that you yourself may be preju- diced?

A. W. Moss Tocknells Court, Painswick. Gloucestershire