26 APRIL 1968, Page 30

Sinister stance

Sir: In his interesting review of Editor in your issue of 5 April, Mr Goronwy Rees raised ques- tions of historical importance which I should like him to answer if he will.

Was not the feeling that Germany must necessarily win back territory she had lost at Versailles shared by all parties in the 'thirties? The Tories, in power throughout this period, took German advances for granted and their leaders even informed Hitler that Britain would not object to his aggression, if decently carried out.

Secondly, was it wrong to believe that the Soviet alliance was essential if we were going to fight for Eastern Europe? It was, as Lloyd George said, 'demented' to give such guarantees without the Russian alliance and we were only on the winning side in the war because Hitler invaded Russia in 1941.

Finally, has Mr Rees ever asked himself if he would recommend Britain to start a war today, if Germany were to attempt to regain some of her lost territory?