26 AUGUST 1876, Page 1

The rumours of mediation have died away under the sound

of the cannon, but it is evident that they will revive at once if Alexinatz falls. The Czar even now can hardly hold in the Russians, and if he wishes to avoid intervention must mediate, either directly or through Italy. The difficulty is to settle terms, as the Continent still appears convinced that the British Cabinet will reject any terms except the status quo ante bellum, and both St. Petersburg and Vienna are well aware that this means only an armed truce. It is even asserted, apparently on good -authority, that Lord Derby, who refused to protect Crete when, ten years ago, it was massacred into "order," is now threatening Greece, to prevent its rescuing another Christian pro- vince from Constantinople. To all human appearance, unless the Tory Government can be overthrown, the cause of the oppressor will for the hour be completely victorious. Note, as a remark- able political fact, that the Pashas fight much better without a Sultan than with one, a circumstance observed also during the Acheen war.