26 AUGUST 1876, Page 1

There is to be a serious fight for the seat

for Bucks, vacant by the elevation of Mr. Disraeli to the Peerage. It was believed that Mr. T. F. Fremantle, son of Lord Cottesloe, would be returned without opposition, and he issued a comically "safe" address to the constituency, in which he named every department, and pronounced its adminis- tration under the Tory Government successfuL Mr. Rupert Carington, however, heir to the Carington barony, has resolved to contest the seat, and has issued an address, very young, very

fiery, and very able, in which he also names every department and pronounces it unsuccessful. We have analysed this very spirited outburst elsewhere, but may remark here that its form was provoked by Mr. Fremantle's manifesto, wh.ch reads like a con- densed Queen's Speech winding up the Session. As Tories and Liberals run within a few hundred of each other in Bucks the contest ought to be a close one, but if Mr. Fremantle is like his address his party will not get a new Disraeli out of him.