26 AUGUST 1876, Page 2

" M.P.," noting that Lord Beaconsfield has taken the Privy

Seal, which gives him an extra £2,000 a year, and precedence even of Dukes, asks through the Times why the English Premier should not always be Lord Privy Seal, and so receive £7,000 a year and his due precedence in society. At present he is under- paid, and has, unless a Peer, a precedence altogether out of pro- portion to his importance in the kingdom. The advice is sensible enough, but there must be some places in the Cabinet for men unburdened by departmental duties, and therefore able to do work suddenly required, which cannot be entrusted to irresponsible officers. A Reform Bill, for example, may have to be drawn up. Why should not the Premiership be a definite office, with adequate pay, and its proper precedence, next after the members of the Royal House? If all the Cabinet sinecures are abolished, we shall be driven to Ministers without portfolio or pay, who will do work for their paid colleagues, and perhaps talk for them, with the pleasantest feeling of irresponsibility.