26 AUGUST 1876, Page 3

The Anglo-Indians are condemning Lord Lytton in no mea- sured

terms for interfering with the course of justice. A. Mr. Fuller, a lawyer of Agra, boxed the ears of a groom for keeping him waiting, and the man, who was diseased, died. The Joint Magistrate, Mr. Leeds, who heard the case, fined Mr. Fuller £3; but the Government of India ordered an investigation, which the Lieutenant-Governor entrusted to the High Court. The Judges reported that the sentence, though too light, was "not specially open to objection," whereupon Lord Lytton recorded a minute censuring the Lieutenant-Governor for laxity, the High Court for inadequate conception of its duties, and Mr. Leeds for hie judgment, and directed that the latter should not be employed in any responsible office for at least a year, thus fining him about ,£500. There can be no doubt that the sentence was absurdly light, but the groom's family had full right of civil action, and would have received heavy compensation ; and the magisterial point is, whether Lord Lytton, in holding the High Court up to contempt, has really improred the administration of justioe.