26 AUGUST 1876, Page 3

The Bishop of Lincoln, who, it will be remembered, refused

the title of "Reverend" to a Wesleyan minister, has published a pamphlet, in which, according to the Guardian, he formulates his plan for the readmission of the Wesleyan body into the Church of England. He would admit such of the clergy as desired it, after a "hypothetical form of ordination," to the priesthood, and license the remainder to catechise and preach ; make the Wesleyan chapels district churches, and allow Anglican clergy to preach in them, " reserving, however, all vested rights of the Conference." The plan would not be a bad one, if the Weeleyans were anxiously praying for admis- sion into the Church, but as matters stand there would seem to be just three fatal objections to it. The Wesleyan clergy would not submit to reordination ; the Wesleyan lay teachers would not submit to episcopal supervision ; and the Wesleyan congregations would not agree to give up the great power of control in their Church which they have just obtained by the admission of the laity into Conference. The project has been formally submitted to the President of Conference, who is not likely to read it in a more conciliatory spirit because it comes from a Bishop who affirms that a Wesleyan minister is a layman.