26 AUGUST 1899, Page 1


AGAIN there is no definite news to be recorded from the Tramsvaal. It seems, however, probable that President Kruger has offered terms as regards the franchise, equivalent to or, perhaps, somewhat better than those of Sir. Alfred Milner's minimum. These terms, however, are conditional on our willingness to submit points in dispute to arbitration, though not by a foreign Power, to our agreeing n,,t to make our present interference a precedent, and to the abolition of the suzerainty. This last condition is of course entirely inad- missible, but if that is withdrawn the others might quite conceivably be made acceptable, if presented in a reason- able shape. It is said, however, that the franchise proposals are not really what they seem, and that the intention is to alter the election of the President in such a way as will deprive the Outlanders of their fair share of influence. That, of course, cannot be allowed. The status of all voters must be equal, and the election of the President must be, as it now is, a popular election in which all voters have equal rights.