26 DECEMBER 1829, Page 13


Tuesday, Dec. 22.

PARTNERSHIPS DIssotvEn.—DAvv, Gm tanitr, and Sowrox, Devonport, brewers —131E0ot:11.1cm and Son, Spalding and HolbeaCli, Lincolnshire, clock and watch-makers —T. and It. Rom:ices, High-street, Newhigton, tobacconists—J. and C. PRIMEVAL.. WIlitechapel, oilmen—Noturtt, and CO. Nottingham, lace-manufacturcrs—D. It. and. E. FonnEN, Donnington, near Chichester, _farmers—J. and 11. Lt.ovn, Shrewsbury,. plumbers — IRELAND, and CO. Kirkby Kendal, Westmoreland, coal-merchants — C its max and it; n o w Camberwell-green, plumbers—Mt:la and Co. Glasgow,. Merit, Mott S ON, and Co. Liverpool, and Mont S ON, Mum, and Co. Buenos-Ayres.

INsOLvENTS.—Dec. IS, W. Screrr, Bristol, merchant—Dec. 22, D. PACE, horse-dealer—Dec. 22, .1. Boon, the Box, Gloucestershire, maltster.

DANKIttleTCIZS ENLARGED...41. And B, FIELD; Queen-street, Cheapsidel and., Whitechapel, colonrmen, from Jan. I to Jan. DUDLEY, London-terrace, Hackney- road, chemist, from Dec. 25 to Jan. 8—J. WATER MAN, Rotherhithe-street, merchant, from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1—S. SPYER, Northampton-place, Islington, merchant, from Dec.

25 to Jan. P. Ht LL MAN, Lower Thames-street, dealer in glass, from Jan. 1 to Jan. 8—G. RYLATT, South Kyme, Lincolnshire, victualler, from Dec. 25 to Jan. 5—J. ED- w &mos, New Bond-street, shoe-maker, from Dec.25 to Dec. 29—M. H. CALAFAT, St. Martin's-street, Leicester-square, merchant, from Dec. 25 to Dec. 29.

BANKRUPTCY SU PHRSEDED,—W. H. SPARKS, Godalming, paper-maker.

BAN K au eTs.—[To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.]-1W. WAs.-


R, Lad-lane, warehouseman, Jan. I, 5, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Fisher, Walbrook-build- Ings—J. CONWAY, Staining-lane, Cheapside, builder, Jan. 1, 5, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Dignum, Little Distaff-lane-5f. Collins, Elizabeth-street, Brompton, victualler, Jan. 5, 8, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Gerrard, Suffolk-street, Pall-mall East—H. J. Coma:vs, Ber- wick-street, spermaceti-refiner, Dec. 29, Jan. 12, Feb. 2: solicitors, Brown aaci Marten, Mincing-lane—W. P. BARNARD, Albion-place, Walworth, victualler, Dec. 29, Jan. 5, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Hubert, New Clement's-Inn-chambers—A. Bow a v, East 5foulsey, dealer in cows, Dec. 29, Jan. 9, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Orlebar, George-street; Hanover- square—G. CAMPBELL, Half-Moon-street, Piccadilly, coal-merchant, Dec. 29, Jan. 12, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Itf'Duff, Castle-street, Holborn.

BANKRUPTS.—[To surrender in the Country.)—W. E. WORMALD, Wortley, Leeds, manufacturer, Dec. 28,29, Feb. 2: solicitors Battye and Co. Chancery-lane; and Mr. Hargreaves, Leeds—J. THom es oar, sem Howlen, and It. and W. THomes Oar, Barnby- on-the-Marsh, Yorkshire, canvass-manufacturers, Jan. 5,6, Feb. 2: solicitors, Mr. Bell, Bedford-row ; and Mr. Capes, Redness—J. WINTER BOTTOM, Waterhead-Mill, near Oldham. cotton-spinner, Jan. 6, 7, Feb. 2: solicitors, Hurd and Johnson, Temple ; and Mr. Seddon, Manchester—W. GRANT, Gosport, silversmith, Jan. 20, 22 Feb. 2 : soli- citors, Bogue and Lambert, Gray's-inn ;' and Mr. Hoskin, Gosport—H. iIIDMAS, Bath, bookseller, Jan. 4, 5, Feb. 2: solicitors Mr. Hale, Bath ; and Jenkins and Abbott, New-inn—J. LACE?, Norwich, plasterer, 6,7, Feb. 2: solioitors, Mr. Coaks, Nor- wich; and Mr. Ashurst, Netvgate-street—J. SINGLETON, Halifax, linen-draper, Jan. 8,9, Feb. 2: solicitors, Mr. Emmett, New-inn; and Messrs. Alexander, Halifax—J. SPARKS, Shrewsbury, dealer in china, Jan. 6, 7, Feb. 2: solicitors, Hicks and Braiken. ridge, Bartlett's-buildings ; and Mr. Brown, Hanley—A. BRIDGMAN, Linton, Cam- bridgeshire, victualler, Dec. 28, 29, Feb. 2: solicitor, Mr. Lithgoe, Essex-street, Strand —S. PLAcg, jun. Nottingham, saddler, Jan. 5' 7, Feb. 2: solicitors, Hurd and Johnson, Temple ; and Mr. Greasley, Nottingham-8. Ana ows burn, Manchester, victualler, Jan. 4, 5, Feb. 2: solicitors, Makinson and Sanders, Temple ; and Mr. Hadfield, Man- chester—W. JACKSON, New Halton, Yorkshire, coat-merchant, Jan. 4, 5, Feb. 2: soli- citors, Mr. Wilson, Southampton-street ; and Mr. Allen, New Malton—C. ROGERS', Gainsburgh, Lincolnshire, linen-draper, Jan. 2, 4, Feb. 2: solicitors, Dawson and Haw- kins, New Boswell-court ; and Codd and Sleaton, Gainsburgh—J.FLETCIIER, Binbroke St. Mary, Lincolnshirealctualler, Jan. 7, 8, Feb. 2: solicitors, Eyre and Coverdale, Gray's-inn; and Mr. Ingoldby, Louth—T. SHAPLEY, Bath, grocer, Jan. 4, 5, Feb. 2: solicitors, Mackinson and Sanders, Temple ; and Mr. Hellings, Bath—G. WALLIS, New- castle-upon-Tyne, painter and glazier, Jan. 7, 9, Feb. 2: solicitors, Brooksbauk and Farm Gray's-inn ; and Mr. Brown, Newcastle.np an-Tyne.

DIVIDENDS.—Jan. 12, Smales, Aldersgate.street, stationer—Jan. 15, Coninson and 'rattan, Lombard-street, bankers—Jan. 16, Jackson, Bristol, corn-factor — Jan. 15, Smith, Liverpool. butcher—Jan. 18, Smith, Worcester, brewer—Jan. 12, George, London- wall, conch-builder—Jan. 26,Phillips, Cullum-street, Fenchurch-street; and Kingsland- place, K ingslaud-road, merchant—Jan. 14, Chapman, sen. Frame S elwood, clothier—Jan. 12, Hunt, Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, druggist—Jan. 19, Wright, Theobald's-road, and Harpur-street, builder—Jan. 12, Draper and Back, Margate, grocers—Jan. 12, Fowler, Euston-square, St. Pancras, and Camberwell, builder—Jan. 15, Pope, Sible Hedingham, Essex, malt-factor—Jan. 16, Atkinson, Clekheaton, Yorkshire, woolstapler Jan. 12, Dryden, Newcastle-upon-Tyne common-brewer—Jan. 12, Crane, Warrington, butcher—Jan. 13, G., W., and F. Blyt1;, Birmingham, and Liverpool, merchants—Jan. Iii, Dicken, St. Stephen's-hill, Blithaeld, Staffordshire, cotton-spinner—Jan. 21, Sweet, Northtawton, Devonshire, tanner.

CERTIFICATES to Sc granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Jan. 12, Robinson, sen. New Brentford.wharf, wharfinger—Hamilton, Peckham, master- mariner—Smith, Old City-chambers, Bishopsgate-street, wine-merchant—J. and W. Smith, South Shields, Durham, rope-makers—Bainbridge, Evenwood, Durham, horse- dealer—Evans, Wadebridge, Cornwall, tallow-chandler—Smith, Horsley, Gloucester- shire, clothier — Mackintosh, Conduit-street, merchant — Gardie, Regent-street, St. James's, jeweller — Wicher, Emsworth, butcher Alderton, Norwich, carpenter — Harrison, Long-acre, Durham, smith —Robinson, Manchester, publican — Harris, Southampton, and Portseu, linen-draper.

Seinen SEQUESTRTAION.—J. and C. JOHNSTON, Glasgow;painters, Dec.26, Jan.12.

Friday, Dec. 25.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—WYMAN and JosoLvant, Hertford, millers—M. and F. WILSON, Hexham, saddlers—DE PASS and SAMPSON,King's-Lynn, 'tobacconists- GOODALL and ALSTON, Watling-street, wholesale warehousemen—WRIGHT and DAvi Hs, Liverpool, wholesale grocers—T. and W. Po WELL, Birmingham, brass-founders CRIER and SOMERVELL, Bloomsbary-square—Haarrsm, and GLYNN, Liverpool, bro- kers—T. PAaso:as, jun. and Co. Birmingham,paper-merchants—WErnsaa v and PER- KIN, Fenchnrch-street, brokers—WAan and HADDON, Colchester, printers —G LAZ C- DR o ox and Co. Warrington, glass-manufacturers--.AVALES and KING, King's-Lynn, merchants.

BANK RuPTCY E Mat R OE n.—C. T. I. MA Wit 0 on, Well-street, Wellclose- square, soap- manufacturer, (ruin Jan. I to Jan..5.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERS EDED.—R. WOODWARD, Great St. Thomas Apostle, packer —T. NEWCOMBE, York, common-carrier. BANKRU eTs.-- [To surrender at the Bankrupt s' Court, Rasinghall.street.]—J. BoWLEs, Balsham, Cambridgeshire,grocer, Jan. 5,12, Feb. 5: solicitors, Gatty and Co. Angel.

court, Throgmorton-street—C. Pa icu, Strand, umbrella-manufacturer, Jan. 5, 8, Feb.

5 : solicitor, Mr. Humphreys, Broadway, Ludgate-hill—J. NEVETT, George-yard, Lom- bard-street, broker, Jan. 1, 8, Feb. 5: solicitors, Kearsey and Hughes, Lothbury—E.

Rix, Brighthelmstone, linen-draper, Jan. 12, 19,Feb. 5: solicitors, Harkwick and Guest,

Lawrence-lane, Cheapside—T. VAN;, K It co at, Charles-street, Hampstead-road, plasterer, Jan. 5,8, Feb. 5: solicitor, Mr. Farden, Great James-street, Bedford-row—W. MEA R ES, Chapel-street, May-fair, baker, Dec. 29, Jan. 8, Feb. 5: solicitor, Mr. Griffith, Green- street, Grosvenor-square—It. HAWARD, High Holborn, baker, Dec. 29, Jun. 5, Feb. 5 : olicitor, Mr. Turner, Clifford's-inn.

11.s.maatreTs.—[To surrender in the Country.)—C. Suns ON, jun. Ripon, upholsterer, an. 8,9, Feb.5 : solicitors, Mr. Beverley, Temple ; and Mr. Coates, Ripon—W. WI 1.- G 'wags, Bristol, ironfounder, Jan: 19, 20, Feb. 5: solicitors, Austen and Hobson, Gray's- inn ; and Arnold and Haines, Birmingham—A. GUY, Chippenham. money-scrivener,

Jan. 19, 20, Feb. 5 : solicitors, Mr. Pinniger, Gray's-inn-square ; Mr. Pinniger, Chip-

penham ; and Clarke and Son, Bristol—J. 1VILLIANISON and T. RISIIWORTII, Keigh- Icy, worsted-spinners, Jan. I, 2, Feb. 5: solicitors, Dawson and Hawkins, New Bos-

well-court, Carey-street; and Mr. Weir, Bradford—J. N. 13LoxAm, Halseowen, Shrop-

shire, apothecary, Jan. 7, 8, Feb. 5 : solicitors, Mr. Barber, Fetter-lane ; and Mr. Fel- lowes, Dudley—N. TH OM PS ON,. Dartmouth, master mariner, Jan. 4, 5, Feb. 5: solici- tors, Mr. Wolston, Furnival's-inn ; and Mr. Wolston, Brixliam, Devonshire—D. HAT- TERSLE Y, Hilton with Harrogate, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Jan. 7, 8, Feb. 5: solicitors, Dawson and Hawkins, New Boswell-court, Lincoln's-inn ; and Powell and Son, Knares- borough.

Diving:035.—Jan. 15, Bradley, Legburn, silk-mercer—Jan. 15 Smith and Hall, Wood-street, warehousemen—Jan. 25, Towerson, Todholes. miller-Jan. 22, Hill, Shepton-Mallett, shopkeeper—Jan. 25, IV., J., W., and B. Yates, Cleckheaton, cloth- manufacturers—Jan. 18, Thompson, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant—Jan. 15, Meager, Newport, tailor—Jan. IS, Cowtan, Canterbury, bookseller—Jan. 1, Johnston, Cheapside,

warehouseman—Jan. 15, Hopkins, Oxford, coach-maker—Jan. 15, NVild, Craven-street, tailor—Jan. 15, Alderson, Laurence-Pountney-hill, flour-factor—Jan. 15, J. and E. Barber, Cowper's-court, stock-brokers—Jan. 15, More, Dean-street, distiller—Jan. 15, Davis, Dover-place, carpenter—Jan. 16, Barlow, Gainsborongh, grocer—Feb. 23, Tudor, Bolton, shopkeeper—Feb. 23, Cockshott, Warrington, cotton-manufacturer. CERTIFICATES to be' granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Jan. 15.—Cleaver, Walthamstow, limeburner—Burn, George-street, clothier—Freer, Birming- ham druggist—Kew, New Palace-yard, commission-agent—Scammell, Warminster, cur- rier—Wheater, Greensted, farmer—Grisdale, Whitehaven, timber-merchant —Cockslott, Warrington, cotton-manufacturer—Brooke, Shepperton-street, iron-founder—J. and F. Harris, Bristol, carpenters.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.--J. GOURLAY, Dundee, blacksmith, Dec. 29, Jan. 12- S. NicoL, Heardhill, cattle-dealer, Dec. 30, Jan. 13-4. MITCHELL, Leith, vain-dealer, pee. 291 Jan, 12-4. Cast onToss Dumfries, cabinet-Maker, Feb. 1,22.