26 DECEMBER 1829, Page 4

RECORDEIN Rs:mgr.—At the Fleeting of the Privy Council yesterday, the

Recorder made his report of the convicts capitally convicted at Justice Hall, in the Old Bailey ; of the case of John Tisley alias Harris (from the June Sessions) and the six unreported at a former Council (from the September Sessions), and also the whole of the October Sessions. The law was ordered to take its course upon William Newitt, for sheep-stealing; Thomas Thomas Maynard, for forgery in the Excise Department; Stephen Sandford, and William Leslie, for a burglary in the house of Mr. Stultz, in Clifford Street, who were ordered for execution on Thursday next. .

' On Wednesday night, Mi. Samuel Muller, a gentleinan of respectability, was robbed at the pit entrance of Covent Garden Theatre, of a valuable gold repeating watch, gold chain, and appendages.

A female, apparently lifeless, was taken out of the New River, near Sadler's Wells. Medical aid was procured, and she was restored to animation. She stated that she had thrown herself into the river to avoid prostitution. A young man of the named Egan, an ivory-turner in Old Street, hanged him- self on Wednesday in consequence of a quarrel with a young woman to whom he was attached.

Mr. Cribb, the carver and gilder in High Holborn, hanged himself last week, in a fit of insanity. The premises of Mr. Bland of Fordham, which were recently burned in part by some incendiary, were again set fire to in the course of last week. Luckily little mischief was done.

John O'Dare, a discharged-seaman, was tried on Monday at the Sussex Assizes, before Mr. Barron Garrow, for maliciously firing at Lieutenant Rosenberg, his former commanding officer, with intent to murder, maim, disable, or do hint some grievous bodily harm. It was proved that the prisoner deliberately fired at Lieu- tenant Rosenberg, and wounded him severely ; but the Jury found him Not Guilty, as there seemed to them no proof of malice!

John Russell, a man engaged at one of the factories in Chard, after having undergone several examinations before the Magistrates in that town, was on Saturday last fully committed for trial, on suspicion of having perpetrated the murder of Joan Turner, near Chard. Russell had been taken up and examined immediately after the murder ; but the circurastances against him then were not deemed sufficient to warrant his committal, and he was accordingly discharged. He remained at large until the early part of last week, when, further evidence, having been obtained, he was again apprehended, and the result has been that we have above mentioned. The prisoner was lodged in Ilchester gaol on Monday morning.—Taunton Courier.

A young girl, named Mary M‘Donough, was met by her mother on the banks of the canal, near Leeson Street, Dublin, at a late hour on Saturday night. The mother abused the daughter for being out of the house at so late an hour, and

called her a " You shall not live long to call me by that name," said the daughter, taking her mother in her arms and flinging her into the canal. The un- fortunate woman immediately sunk to the bottom. A young girl named Margaret Cummins was present at this occurrence, and gave an immediate alarm. The daughter was immediately taken fide custody. The body of the mother was found in a short time after it had been thrown into the canal, but all attempts at reani- mation were ineffectual—Dublin Morning Register.

Six of Lord Calthorpe's gamekeepers encountered six poachers about ten days ago, as the latter were plying their trade in his Lordship's preserves. The keepers had no guns, the poachers laid aside theirs ; each Was provided with a heavy bludgeon, and used it to the best advantage upon the head of his antagonist. After a severe bout, the keepers were disabled; - but the poachers have not reaped the fruit of their victory, most of them having been since lodged in gaol. A commission of bankruptcy has issued against William Thomson Lee, Esq., late of Leeds, a Magistrate of the West Riding, and a Deputy Lieutenant. The bankrupt has left this country, and is supposed to be in the Netherlands. He stands charged with the serious crime of having forged powers of attorney, by which he has defrauded the Governor and Company of the Bank of England of

7,0004—Leeds Inteltigencer.

A very alarming fire, and which led to the destruction of three valuable horses broke out in the stables of the College Saw-mills, on the Surrey side of the, Thames, on Monday evening. The flames were so rapid in their progress, that it was found impossible to rescue the whole of the animals; and three were dis- covered on Tuesday Morning, buried under the ruins, the flesh nearly burnt front off the bones.

A fire broke out on Friday, in the kitchen at the Vice-Regal Lodge, Phrenix Park; which was not got under until part of the building was destroyed. The fire, however, did not reach the dwelling of his Excellency, and the only inconvenience likely to result is, that the 'Vim-Regal establishment is, in consequence, likely to remove to Dublin Castle sooner than intended.—Dublin Evening Packet.

On the dreadful night of Friday last, while the Earl of Wettlyss smack was off Yarmouth, on her passage from Leith to London, two men, named Nichol Arnott and James Mackie, while engaged on the bowsprit, were by a heavy sea washed olf, and instantly disappeared.

Lord and Lady Burgliersh escaped with life by a Miracle a few weeks since. They were returning from Bologna, and upon descending the Appennines at a rapid pace, the carriage was overturned with great violence. Both Lord and. Lady Burghersh received severe contusions ; but, by being copiously blooded upon arriving in Florence, all danger subsided.

On Tuesday last, the body of Mr. Matthews, who was drowned about a month since, by falling front the deck of the Kent steam-packet, was found and taken on shore at Poorfleet.

The skeleton of an elephant was discovered a few days since, by some work- men who were diving for a foundation, in a field near Ilford, in Essex.

A few days ago, Mr. Thompson, gamekeeper to the Duke of Buccleuch, accom- panied by a considerable number of persons, went out to enjoy the pleasures of the chase. When a little way from Sanquhar. they started a strong hare, which scampered off in a northerly direction, and with a degree of speed not very usual even among the elite of moorland hares. Time dogs, however, did their duty well; and, though puss still had the best of the race, she made a very rapid sweep to the left, skirted the lively village of Crawick, and then bounded along the public- or water-side road, uuscared by the appearance of the old bridge, which at the moment was thickly lined with spectators. About this time one of the hounds, in Ids fury, thrust his nose between the legs of a boy nearly ten years of age, hoisted him on his back, and, notwithstanding his weight and unsteadiness, cleared a dike said to be more than four feet high, deposited his burden on the farther side, and then went on his way rejoicing, as if nothing had happened to retard him for a mo- ment.—Dumfries Courier.

The groom of Mr. Cuff of Clapham was killed on Wednesday, by the horse which he rode rearing and falling back upon him.

Mr. Charles Pears, of Scopwick, in hunting a few days ago with the Duke of Rutland's hounds, near Quarrington, took a leap at a drain, which he cleared in the handsomest style, and which, from margin to margin, measured eleven yards. - A girl of eleven years of age, the daughter of Mr. Luck of Hackney Fields, was burned to death in consequence of her clothes catching fire while she was attempting to lift off a pot that was boiling, over.

Last week the Earl of Mulgrave's alum manufactory at Kettleness, near' Whitby, was utterly destroyed. The manufactory itself, and the houses of the labourers, were situated on the sea-shore, under a very lofty cliff. In the counts of the week, seine fissures were perceived in the cliff, which gave rise to appre. !tensions that a considerable part of it was about to fall ; and as these fears in- creased, some of the inhabitants removed part of their furniture and shut up their houses. At last, the rock began to give way from the bottom, and gliding for- ward, forced before it the whole of the premises connected with the works, the agent's house, and about fourteen cottages, reducing the whole to one mass of ruins, and burYing the most of them under an immense weight of rock. There was on the prentises at the time manufactured alum to the value of 3,0004 Hap- pily no lives were lost, although several families were in their houses in bed at the time- the rock began to give way, who, had not the cracking of the fissures alarmed them, would inevitably have been buried in the ruins. Providentially the sloop Little Henry, Captain Richardson, was laid on at the works at the time, on board of which the whole of the inhabitants had to be taken. As the rock kept parting the cracking resembled thunder, and issued smoke like a volcano.—Hull Packet.