26 DECEMBER 1931, Page 16


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] S,a,—Mr. Chesterton, a lover of paradoxes, must be smiling over the present political position, even as I am smiling. The paradox is that the National Government, advocate of private enterprise, says through the mouth of Sir John Gilmour that it is determined to go ahead with the Wheat Quota. Now the Wheat Quota really means in the end the nationaliza- tion of the milling industry. Make no mistake about that ; the Quota cannot be worked without strict and severe control of the milling industry to a degree ultimately tantamount to nationalization. Of course, I am personally glad that the National Government is to be the Nationalization Govern- ment. But it certainly is a paradox. We used to talk about the Tories stealing the Whigs' clothes. This is a case of the

National Government stealing the Socialist programme. For the real author of the Quota in its preknt form is my good friend, Dr. Addison.—I am, Sir, &c.,


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