26 DECEMBER 1931, Page 17


[To the Editor of the ScErrxrou.] SIR,—In answer to the enquiry of the Rev. G. S. Hewins in your issue of the 19th inst. I can tell him that there is a stone altar in Skipwith Church. Skipwith is a village about two miles from Riceall station, the station next beyond Selby on the line from King's Cross to York. It shows the five crosses indicative of the five wounds of Jesus, the two hands, the two feet and the side. While I ant writing on this subject it may be of interest to note that in York and the neighbourhood there are several churches that contain these five-wound altar stones either whole or broken. Often they are now part of the paving of the floor ; they are in the churches of Nun Monkton (under the altar), Church Fenton (two), Ryther (I think four) and in York Holy Trinity, Coodramgate and St. Denys, Walingate.—I am, Sir, &e., 72 Westborough, Scarborough. A. NEAVE BRAYSIIAW.