26 DECEMBER 1931, Page 18

A Parliamentary return has been printed, of the newspaper stamps

issued in 1830; why not in 1831 ? or at least to the latest date possible of the latter year ? We notice the document, however, chiefly to point out the blundering way in which it is made up. A note informs the public, that such journals as are clubbed together are the property of the same party, who gets the stamps for the whole ; and thus there is no means of discriminating the number issued for each. Among the journals so clubbed are the Spectator and Athenaeum, two journals which never were the property of the same parties, and never had the slightest connexion with each other. Let an accurate return for 1831 be obtained : it will then be seen what journals are rising while others are declining in circulation. In our own case, we know that the lowest number of stamps used by us any week within the year, has greatly exceeded the average which the united amount set down for both Spectator and Athenaeum, in 1830, would yield.