26 DECEMBER 1931, Page 18


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Sitt,—Can you, or any of your readers who are animal lovers recommend a winter resort in the South of England where we can stay without having our feelings outraged by the spectacle or sound of hunting, particularly stag-hunting ?

We had intended staying at various places in Devonshire and exploring the country by car. The accounts we read of hunting, especially the disgusting and barbaric " sport " of stag-hunting, have made us decide that Devonshire is impos- sible for us, and, we imagine, for others who feel as we do.

We shall be grateful for any advice and assistance. It seems unfortunate that some of the most beautiful parts of England should be made hideous by a few men and women who have a love of killing.

If we are informed that hunting gives employment, we reply that drag-hunting gives it too.—We are, Sir, &c., SOME ANIMAL LOVERS.